Home Décor Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Published on : Dec 18,2023

Home décor trends are constantly evolving and often change with changes in lifestyle and personal preferences. Your interiors should be a perfect blend that reflects personal style and at the same time is inspired from latest trends.

For the year 2024, here are few trends you should watch out for:

Bringing home the nature - To create a calm and serene environment bringing in natural elements indoors is an ongoing trend that will be carried forward in 2024.  Biophilic designs and sustainability in home décor with earthy colour palettes, live-edge wood, bamboo furniture, and lots of indoor plants to create a soothing atmosphere is certainly not going out of style this new year!

Window Films – Increasing use of glass in residential spaces to create a sense of openness and allow lots of natural light indoors has given traction to window films as a versatile and functional trend in home décor, to protect your interiors from fading and rapid deterioration from UV rays. They add a splash of style to your boring glass panels and elevate the overall aesthetics of your interiors and exteriors while enhancing your privacy.



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Smart homes- Tech integrated homes is an ever-evolving trend and is here to stay for years to come. Voice activated smart assistants, smart lights with intensity setting option and digitally controlled smart appliances are positively an important part of modern-day homes and are actively evolving to become an intuitive and seamless tech solution to create a self-sustaining household.



Bring home Artisanal craftmanship - To add personal touch to interiors and make it unique, artisanal craftsmanship will be more appreciated. The intricate detailing and its one on a kind feature adds character to living spaces and are a highly sought after décor trend in 2024.