How to Pick the Right Window Film?

Published on : Dec 07,2023

What are Window films?

Window films are a versatile solution to add an elegant edge to your boring glass panels. It can be used on glass windows and doors to improve external appearance and protect the interiors and occupants.  These films are designed to serve various purposes and offer major benefits to users.

How to choose the right window film?

With a wide range of options available in the market, selecting a window film can be one daunting task for business as well as homeowners. Picking the right window film is not as quick and simple as it looks.  There are certain questions you should ask and certain performance parameters you should evaluate before making the final decision. 

Identify your Goal for Installation: The first and foremost aspect is to identify the specific purpose of installing the window film:

Are you looking for window films to reduce heat?

  1. Do you want to save energy bills and reduce carbon footprint in residential and commercial towers?
  2. Are you looking for a solution to protect your furniture and fabric from fading?
  3. Do you want thermal insulation in chilly winters?
  4. Are you looking to enhance the safety and security of your glass panels?
  5. Do you want flexibility in choosing privacy?

Understand your Options

  • Solar Control FilmsSolar Window films help in controlling the amount of heat and glare that comes in with sunlight. It helps in regulating temperature to increase comfort at home and workspace.  These films also aid energy efficiency by reduction in cooling cost from air conditioning systems and fans.
  • UV Protection Films – UV films are barriers against harmful ultraviolet rays coming through your windows. These films can block up to 99% UV rays, depending on the brand you choose and are preferred choice in residential and commercial spaces to protect furniture, fabric, flooring, and various interior items from discolouration fading and overall deterioration from exposure to direct natural light.

 UV protection films are also offer health benefits by protecting occupants from skin cancer causing UV rays. 

  • Privacy window films – Privacy Films offers you the flexibility to choose the level of privacy you need. These films are used in residential and commercial buildings to alter the level of visibility from the outside while maintaining visible clarity from the inside. Privacy films come in multiple effects, patterns and can offer total and complete blackout too. 
  • Security Window filmsSecurity window films are robust films engineered to improve shatter resistance in glass surfaces. They hold the glass together in case of accidents or break ins and absorb impact to increase security.
  • Decorative Window films- Aesthetics add value to a property. With increasing use of glass panels in both residential and commercial buildings, Decorative films are easy and cost-effective way to elevate the external appearance of the property.  They can be easily installed and removed and are excellent way to re-design glass panels at frequent intervals. 
  • Low Emissivity Films – Low-E films aid energy efficiency. These films offer thermal insulation in winters and block heat in summer. They help in reducing heating as well as cooling cost in regions where temperature variations are common.

Compare Performance

  • UV rejection – Different brands offer different levels of UV protection.  High UV rejection rate, ideally up to 99%, offers complete protection from harmful exposure indoors.
  • Visible Light Transmission- VLT indicates the amount light that passes through film. Higher VLT offers better visibility and allows more natural lighting.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient- SHGC measures solar heat transmission through window film. Lower SHGC indicates better heat blocking.
  • Privacy levels- Window films can be customized to adjust the visibility from outside. You can add a frosted or mirrored effect to your glass panel and choose a specific opacity level that suits your requirements.
  • Reflectivity – High reflective properties in films can reduce glare but is generally not well suited for residential applications.
  • Regional Regulations – It always important to comply with local regulations regarding window tints and reflectivity. Using tinted and opaque films are restricted in few areas.

Cost – Although window films are more affordable than tinted or textured glass panels, it can still cost a fortune to add it to a large residential and business complex. Always consult a trusted expert to understand what fits best in your budget.

Once you have navigated through the following parameters, start looking for best prices & vendors in the market.

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