UV Protection and Window Films: Importance for Health

Published on : Dec 05,2023

What are window films?  

Window glass films are a versatile and contemporary home and healthcare solution that effectively balances aesthetics with privacy. These films add an elegant and modern touch to dull glass panels and enhance the overall external look while offering additional protection to interiors and occupants.

Window films are generally made from polyester or vinyl material and are thin, transparent, or tinted. They serve a variety of purposes and are increasingly becoming popular due to the various advantages they offer.

Window films are generally available in the following types:

  • Decorative Films- Decorative window films come in various designs and colours and are used to enhance the aesthetics of residential and commercial buildings.  It is a cost-effective way to customize the glass panels of doors and windows and increase privacy.
  • Privacy Films- Privacy window films obscure the visibility from the outside to ensure privacy inside. They come in various patterns and opacites and can be frosted, textured, mirrored or opaque.
  • Security films- Safety and security films hold up shattered glass together in case of accidents and breakage. They reduce the risk of injury from flying glass shards.
  • Solar Control filmsSolar control films reduce the heat and glare coming from the sun and contribute to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. They also reduce the need for air conditioning and fans in summers and help in saving on electricity bills.  

What is UV protection window film?

UV protection window films are specialized window films specifically designed to block UVA and UVB rays. They are applied to windows to provide an extra layer of protection against harmful UV radiation. These films are engineered to block out almost 99% of ultraviolet rays to protect a healthy lifestyle indoors without compromising on natural light.

Why do we need UV protection indoors?

UV protection indoors is as important as UV protection outdoors. Few key reasons to consider for adding UV protection indoors are:

  • Prevents severe skin damage – Exposure to UV rays is one a leading causes of skin damage.  It accelerate premature aging and increases the chances of life threating skin cancer.  UV protection films reduce exposure from UV radiation that is not blocked out by simple glass panels.  It acts a barrier to minimize the harmful effects.
  • Reduces Sun related eye disorders- UV related health issues are not limited to skin damage.  UV exposure can also cause eye disorders such as cataract, macular degeneration, and eye cancer.  UV protection films reduce strain causing glare and filters out UV rays from natural light to reduce exposure and penetration through eye in form of visible light.
  • Protects interiors- Exposure to UV rays coming in with sunlight can cause rapid fading and deterioration in furniture, flooring, and other décor items. Protection films protect the aesthetic appeal of these interior elements from UV exposure. It reduces discoloration and adds longevity to indoor items

What we offer?

Cosmo Sunshield is the new cutting edge, innovative and versatile window film solution that enhances privacy, increases safety, and adds a touch of elegance to all glass panels. It offers multiple benefits and lets you utilize maximum natural light, without having to think about increased energy consumption. It has scratch resistance properties and can cut down UV rays by more than 99%.

Cosmo Sunshield is suitable for all weathers and can be applied on all types of flat glass used in façade, partitions & walls, doors, windows, and railings.

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