What are Automotive Window Films

Published on : Dec 02,2023

Automotive Window Films are designed to enhance the comfort and privacy behind the wheels. They are laminate films applied to windshield, side mirrors and window panels of cars, trucks, and other vehicles for protection from harmful UV rays while travelling.

Automotive films are easy and affordable way of customizing the visual appeal of your vehicle as per your style preference while adding a protective shield from sun damage.

There are various window films available in the market, each with its own benefit. But before we jump to the advantages lets understand the different types of automotive window films:

  • Metallized Window Films – Metallized films have metal particles embedded in the film. They reflect sunlight and enhance UV & heat rejection.  These films are durable but are widely infamous to interfere with electronic signals of a vehicle.  Due to their shiny appearance, they might not be an aesthetically pleasing option for all.
  • Ceramic Window Films – Ceramic tints are widely popular for their exceptional quality and performance. They are composed of ceramic nanoparticles to block out heat and UV without interfering with electronic signals and fading over time.  These films offers excellent clarity with reduced glare without the need for darker alternatives. 
  • Dyed tints- Dyed window tints are more affordable compared to other automotive window films. It contains layers of dye that blocks out a certain amount of sunlight but has limited ability to block out heat compared to ceramic and metallized laminates. They are generally used for aesthetic purposes and come in various shades to match different style statements.  Although it is important to know that dyed window films need frequent replacement as they tend to fade and become less effective.
  • Hybrid Window films- Hybrid tints are a combination of dyed and metallized window films. They balance performance with affordability to offer good heat and UV rejection.

 What are the Functional benefits of automotive window films?

  • Reduce the Glare Automotive window films significantly reduce accident-causing glare from direct sunlight at daytime and oncoming headlight during nighttime. It improves visibility and clarity for drivers which ensures safety. 
  • UV Protection –   Just like Architectural window films, Automotive films block up to 99% ultraviolet rays that comes in with natural light. While driving or enroute these films act as a protective shield for passengers against UV rays that can cause severe sunburns and life-threatening skin cancer.
  • Safety – Automotive window films enhances safety inside your vehicle as they hold shattered glass together in event of accident & impact. These films add shatter resistance to glass panels which ensures safety by reducing the risk of broken glass flying inside the car.
  • Privacy – Automotive window films come in various tints and shades to reduce or distort visibility from the outside while offering clear view from inside. Window tints prevent strangers from looking inside your vehicle while driving or parked in public areas. They increase privacy and security of valuable items and reduces the risk of break in attempts.
  • Preserves interiors – Regular exposure to harmful UV lights can damage the leather and other sleek new interiors of a vehicle. Automotive window films protects these shiny, elegant, and vibrant new interiors of your car from fading and deteriorating.  They help in reducing maintenance cost of your vehicle by reducing the sun damage and can help increase resale value in due time. 
  • Energy Efficiency- Automotive window films helps in reducing heat and glare coming into the vehicle. It contributes to reduced need for air conditioning and thus lower fuel consumption. In long run these films help in saving money and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Enhances comfort- Window films create a comfortable and pleasant environment for passengers by reducing heat, increasing privacy, and ensuring safety. It enhances your in-road experience and makes travelling more fun.

What are the styling advantages of automotive window films?

  • Automotive window films allows customization of aesthetics. They come in different shades and tints and offers the opportunity to personalize the appearance of the vehicle according to your style statement.
  • Window films give a modern, sleek, and refined appearance to vehicles by creating a seamless flow between all glass panels. It enhances the overall exterior design.

What we offer?

Cosmo Sunshield is the new cutting edge, innovative and versatile window film solution that enhances privacy, increases safety, and adds a touch of elegance to all glass panels. It offers multiple benefits and lets you utilize maximum natural light, without having to think about increased energy consumption. It has scratch resistance properties and can cut down UV rays by more than 99%.

Cosmo Sunshield is suitable for all weathers and can be applied on all types of flat glass used in façade, partitions & walls, doors, windows, and railings.

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