What is Dual-Reflective Window Film?

Published on : Dec 08,2023

With increasing use of glass panels in windows and doors of upcoming commercial and residential spaces, privacy has become a major concern among the occupants. While traditional curtains & shades do a great job in limiting visibility from the outside, they also block the natural light coming inside.  To strike this balance between visibility and light on both sides architects are actively installing Privacy window films.

What are Privacy Window Films?

Privacy window films are designed to enhance privacy without compromising on the view from inside. They are applied to glass panels to limit visibility and enhance the aesthetics of a residential or commercial property. They offer various advantages and are available in following types:

  • Frosted Films - Frosted films comes in various levels of opacity. They create a frosted or etched glass appearance, obscuring the view from both inside and outside while allowing natural light to pass through your windows. Frosted films are primarily used for bathroom windows, shower doors, entryways, and conference room glass panels. They can be also customized into various shapes, fine lines, and custom designs to add a decorative touch to glass surface.
  • Decorative films – Decorative films are a popular choice to revamp residential and well as commercial spaces. They add privacy with touch of aesthetics.  These films come in various patterns, textures, designs, and colours to add a personal style that simply transforms glass panels.
  • Blackout Window filmsBlackout films as the name suggests completely block visibility and natural light. They are used for complete privacy and total darkness.
  • Reflective Films – Reflective films obscures visibility from the outside while allowing clear visibility from inside. These films have shiny metallic surface to reflect day light and offer are excellent for daytime privacy and nighttime clarity.  Two popular types of reflective films that enhance privacy are Mirror Window Films and Dual Reflective Window Film.

What’s the difference between Mirror Window Film & Dual-Reflective Window Film?

Mirror Window FilmsMirror window films have high reflective, one-way mirror effect on the glass surfaces that make it difficult to see inside. These one-way films typically have a low visible light transmission rate on the exterior side, which makes them appear like a mirror in daylight.

Dual Reflective Window Films- Dual Reflective Films are designed to have different levels of reflectivity on the exterior and interior side. They have high reflectivity on the outside and low level of reflectivity on the interior side to allow clear visibility indoors without creating a strong mirrored effect. This dual functionality makes them a popular choice for commercial buildings.  

What are the benefits of using Dual-Reflective Window Film?

Dual-Reflective window films offers various advantages such as:

  • Heat & Glare Rejection Dual reflective window films are engineered to have a high solar heat rejection and glare reduction properties. They reflect heat to keep interiors cool and reduce glare caused by direct sunlight to improve comfort indoors.
  • Privacy – Dual reflective films ensure privacy by reflecting more light on the outside and limiting the ability for people to look inside.
  • UV protection – Dual reflective films block harmful rays that causes significant damage to skin as well as fading, discolouration and deterioration of furniture, flooring, and interior décor.
  • Energy Efficiency – Reflective films that offer solar heat rejection keep interiors cool and reduce the need for fand or excessive air conditioning .  This can significantly contribute to energy saving and in turn reduce carbon emissions.
  • Exterior Appeal – Dual Reflective films add style to boring, plain glass panels. They add a striking elegant aesthetic appeal to commercial properties and are easy to maintain.

When to use Dual-Reflective Window Film?

  • Dual- Reflective Window are popular choice in commercial settings. They are often used is office buildings, retail stores and other commercial spaces to reduce glare and heat.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and cafes also use dual reflective films to reduce the impact of direct sunlight while maintaining outside view with comfortable conditions indoors.
  • Art galleries with large glass windows and doors can use these films to protect artifacts and flooring from UV deterioration.

What we recommend?

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