What Is the Best Window Film for Skylights?

Published on : Dec 13,2023

Skylights are an amazing way to enhance natural lighting and air circulation in residential and commercial spaces. It is commonly added to create a sense of openness and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. However, skylights also contribute to discomfort indoors through excessive heat and glare. To make the most out of them, architects often install window films tailored to address these concerns.  

What are the best window films for skylights?

Window films engineered for skylights offer perfect balance between functionality and style. Most commonly used window films include:

  1. Low emissivity films – Low-E films minimize radiant heat transfer through windows and enhance energy efficiency. They are coated with metal on the one side and reflect significant amount of infrared heat while allowing natural light to pass through. These films are a practical solution to optimize skylight performance.                                                                                                
  2. Reflective Window films – Reflective window films are excellent for regions that witness extreme summers and intense sunlight. They have reflective coating that bounces off a portion of sunlight from the glass and creates a mirror effect. These films reduce heat absorption and help in maintaining cooler indoor environment.

Reflective films are also a good choice to increase daytime privacy without compromising on the amount of daylight seeping in through your skylight.

  • Solar Window filmsSolar control films effectively block out a significant amount of solar heat and reduce heat gain. They are technologically advanced films that reduce heat transmission and minimize glare while maintaining visible light transmission.

Solar films are also designed to act as barrier to prevent heat loss during chilly winters.  They overall reduce the need for excessive cooling and heating and provide energy efficiency that is beneficial for both environment and your utility bills.

  1. Decorative Window Films – Decorative window films are a very cost-effective way to customize the appearance of skylights. They come in various textures, patterns and colours and help in adding an elegant touch to window panels while increasing privacy.                                                                                                                                                                            
  2. UV protection window films – Cutting edge UV protection films are crucial to protect the occupants and interiors from UV damage.  Prolonged UV exposure is one of leading causes of life-threatening skin problems and discolouration, fading and deterioration of furniture, flooring, and décor.  UV films prevent exposure from UV radiation indoors and filter out up to 99% UV rays disguised as sunlight. They are essential for preservation of home and workplace aesthetics.

What is Cosmo Sunshield offering?

Cosmo Sunshield is the new age, cutting edge premium window film solution engineered to enhance safety, increase privacy, and improve aesthetics. Useful for both architectural and automotive solutions, Cosmo Sunshield is versatile window film that offers multiple benefits and lets you utilize maximum sunlight without prolonged UV exposure. It can cut down UV rays by more than 99% and minimize solar heat absorption to promote energy efficiency.

Cosmo Sunshield window film is suitable for all weathers and can be applied on all types of flat glass used in façade, partitions & walls, doors, windows, and railings.

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