Why Should You Use Window Film in Your Buildings?

Published on : Dec 12,2023

Modern day architects and property owners are actively seeking for ways to improve aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency of residential as well as commercial building. While frequent new projects in changing external appearance and seasonal renovations are often hefty on pocket & high maintenance, window films are the cost-efficient & cutting-edge solutions to improve your living and working space.

What are Window Films?

Window films or window tints are generally Polyester or Vinyl-based laminates used as a protective shield for glass panels. Often overlooked in complexities of building design, these films offer a variety of advantages that can elevate lifestyle.

What are different types of Window films?

Window films are generally categorized into the following types:

  • UV Protective Films – UV films are engineered to block out 99% of ultraviolet rays to protect a healthy lifestyle indoors. It protects the residents, employees and interior furniture and fabric from harmful radiations while allowing natural light indoor.
  • Decorative Window Films – Decorative films are used to elevate the appearance of a residential or business complex. They come in various patterns and designs and are a budget friendly alternative for switching to tinted or textured glass panels.
  • Privacy Window Films- Primary purpose of privacy films is to obscure the visibility from the outside to ensure privacy inside. They can be frosted film, opaque, mirrored, and textured.
  • Security Window Films – Security films ensure your plastic does not shatter upon external impact or accident. It ensures safety from window breakage and increases safety.
  • Blackout Window Films- Black out window films are used commonly in media rooms to completely block out day light. They offer privacy and complete darkness.

Why should you install window films?

Here are 8 very compelling reasons why home and business owners should install window films ASAP!

  • Healthy Living – To soak up vitamin D without the harmful UV it is recommended to install window films on glass panels. Window films are excellent UV ray filters and block up to 99% UV rays. They protect the occupants from extended exposure to severe skin damaging UV that causes cancer and premature ageing.                                                                                         
  • Longer life for furniture and fabric – Fabric, furniture, artwork, and other décor items do not maintain their aesthetical appeal when exposed to UV rays for an extended period. Window films guards these interiors from fading, discolouration, and rapid deterioration. They help in preserving the integrity of indoor item and ultimately makes them more durable.                        
  • Reduces Energy Bills- A major advantage to add window films is reduction of heat gain during summers and heat loss in winters. Tinted window films block out heat and sunlight to lower temperature indoors. It also offers thermal insulation during chilly winters. Overall, these films help in maintaining a consistent temperature at home and office. This reduces energy consumption through fans, air conditioning and heating systems and reduces the carbon footprint in long run.                                
  • Improves Privacy Level – Window films make an exceptional case for improving privacy at home and workspaces. They come in various texture and with opaque finish to obscures the view from the outside while allowing natural light inside. Window films can also alter the level of visibility through glass by creating a mirror like effect on the outside and while offering clarity and visibility from inside.                                                                                                                                              
  • Safety and security – Window films make glass panels shatter proof. They protect occupants from accident and injuries by holding the shattered glass together in event of breakage.                                                                                      
  • Enhances External Appearance – Window films can add an instant elegant aesthetic touch to residential and commercial building. It elevates the look of simple boring glass panels and adds a touch of edge to it. Window films can make your property stand out and improve external aesthetics without burning a hole in your pocket.                                              
  • Reduces Glare – Window films can facilitate comfort by reducing glare in workspaces and home. It eliminates the disruptive glare that hampers your recreational activities as well as productivity without compromising with natural light.               
  • Easy to install and customise - Window films are also easier on the pocket as they are extremely easy to install and hassle free as compared to heavy property improvement projects. They can be customized as per need and can even include company logos.

Window films are a modern-day solution to various commercial and residential building requirements. They are versatile and cost effective and promotes a sustainable and healthy living.

What do we recommend?

Cosmo Sunshield is the best window film available in market. It allows higher Window to Wall ratio, along with multiple benefits. You can utilize maximum natural light, without having to think about increased energy bills. It has scratch resistance properties and can cut down UV rays by more than 99%.

Cosmo Sunshield is suitable for all weathers and can be applied on all types of flat glass used in façade, partitions & walls, doors, windows, and railings.

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