Extending Window Film Lifespan : Maintenance and Care Tips

Published on : Feb 06,2024

With increasing use of glass panels in residential as well as commercial space, window tints or window films are steadily becoming popular due to their functional as well as striking aesthetical advantages. They are easy and cost-effective solution to add a range of benefits to your plain old window panels & are extremely durable with proper maintenance. 

window film cleaning tips
To extend their lifespan, here are few care tips and tricks to keep in mind:
1. Regular Cleaning- The best way to take care of your window films is by regularly cleaning it. Dust, dirt, and soot can easily accumulate and diminish the effectiveness of the film. Regular cleaning and maintenance can add longevity.
Here are few tips to avoid damage to the film while cleaning: 

  • No harsh cleaners- Always use gentle soft cleaners, water and soft cloth or sponge for cleaning. Avoid use of harsh chemical-based cleaning products to avoid damage and discolouration of the film surface. Prefer to go for ammonia free solution as they prevent chemical reactions. 
  • No Sharp objects – Take caution to not use sharp objects like scrapers or blades while cleaning your window films to avoid tear and scratch. They can damage the film and reduce its overall effectiveness and appeal. 
  • Cleaning Technique - A particularly important aspect of maintaining window film is the right technique to clean it. The film can be easily damaged if excessive pressure is applied. Start from the top and clean gently clean all the way down. 

2. Dry the film – Post cleaning care is as important as regular cleaning. Residual water on film surface can leave behind water spots and can enter beneath film surface to cause bubbling and peeling which can lead to deterioration as well as loss of effectiveness immediately. Using micro-fibre, lint free, dry cloth to gently blot the surface can easily dry the film and prevent damage. 
Tip- Avoid use of heat or hair dryers to dry out window film. 
3.Immediate repairs – Important part of taking care of your window films for longevity is to check for damages and make proper repairs. A small scratch or tear can affect its intended functions as it could be the entry point for moisture, dust, and debris. Checking for loose edges and taking immediate actions can ensure the film is not heavily damaged or peeled. 
4.Extra care during extreme weather – Extreme weather conditions require for extra care for window films as well. They should be applied properly to avoid damage from extreme heat and harsh winter. 
5.Professional inspection and Manufacturer Guidelines - The best care solution for window tints is to get it professionally inspected at regular intervals. Window film experts can better asses and address required maintenance measures and extend the films lifespan with continued effectiveness. 
What care Cosmo Sunshield requires?

Cosmo Sunshield is a premium quality window films that’s durable and easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned with just soap solution and water & have high scratch resistant properties. 
Cosmo Sun control Films and Window Security films promise consistent effectiveness and are innovative solution for increasing privacy, safety, and protection against harmful UV. 
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