Why Choose Exterior Window Film for Homes

Published on : Jan 30,2024

What are exterior window films? 
Window films are polyester based laminates that are applied on all kinds of glass panels to block out UV rays and increase privacy indoors.
Exterior window films are specifically designed for outer surface application on windows. They offer a range of benefits that increase comfort indoors and come in a variety of types to elevate lifestyles.
What are different types of exterior window films?

types of exterior window films

  • Sun Control Films - Sun control films are specifically engineered to protect against excessive exposure to UV and IR rays coming indoors disguised as natural light. Prolonged exposure to radiation can cause skin problems and rapid deterioration and fading of furniture, flooring, and other home décor. Sun control films significantly protect occupants and interiors from sun damage. They also create a comfortable living space that in turn contributes to lower energy consumption & reduced carbon footprint for residential communities. 
  • Privacy Window films – Privacy window films are cost effective way to customize the level of visibility from outside and maintain privacy indoor. They come in varying levels of darkness and can offer semi to complete privacy. These films can be tinted or have a reflective surface to create a mirror effect to bounce of harmful UV rays while obstructing the view from outside. 
  • Decorative films - Decorative window films come in different design options and are frosted, textured, or tinted. They come in multiple finishes and offer functional as well as aesthetical advantages. Decorative window films are the most affordable way to upgrade boring window panels and customize according to your style. 
  • Security Films - Security films are thicker compared to other films. They are designed to reinforce or strengthen glass. These films add shatter resistance to glass panels and prevents injuries and accidents in case of break in attempts. They absorb the impact and hold together glass shards, preventing the whole window glass from breaking at once. Security window films for home add an additional layer of safety to window. It is a cutting-edge way to protect your homes!

What are the benefits of using window films? 

benifit of window film

  1. UV Protection – Exterior window films reduce exposure from harmful UV rays that causes instant fading of interiors. It also protects from life altering effects of UV radiation that’s among the leading causes of skin cancer and rapid deterioration of eye health. 
  2. Energy Efficiency – Application of heat reduction films on windows panels help in regulating indoor temperature and maintaining a comfortable environment. In intense summers, these films reduce heat transmission or heat gain and significantly lower the need for air conditioning which leads to energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption bills and an increase in savings. 
  3. Glare Reduction - Window films eliminate the irritable glare caused by natural light coming indoors. Natural light creates a glare that can hinder with visibility and strain eyes when working on screens or watching TV. Window films overall increase eye comfort at home. 
  4. Privacy – Increasing use of glass in residential spaces is also a safety and security threat. Use of privacy window films on glass panels help in adding an extra layer of privacy as they come in different colours and degrees of darkness. 
  5. Aesthetics - Window films not only add functional benefits but contribute to style and aesthetics too. These films come in various colours & finishes to customize the looks and appeal of windows and enhance architectural style in a very cost-effective manner.

Quality window films are also be removed easily without leaving any residue and can be changed with evolving style preferences and interior décor trends.

Where can you get premium quality window films in India? 

window film manufacturer in india
Cosmo Sunshield is a sustainability driven window film manufacturer that specializes in the supply of premium quality window films for heat control, safety, UV protection, privacy, and aesthetics. Our window films are well suited for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. They provide up to 99% UV protection and secure glass against impact and intrusion by adding shatter resistance to glass panels. 

At Cosmo Sunshield we are committed to:

  • Save energy and environment.
  • Protect occupants and interiors. 
  • Enhance living by offering comfort and style. 

For more information on Sun Control Film and Safety and Security Films connect with our Sunshield experts today!

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